Teaching Philosophy and Lesson FAQs

Learning a string instrument is an incredibly rewarding and fun experience. It also can be challenging,  and it takes great discipline to progress on the instrument. It requires concentration and dedication on the part of the student, parent, and their teacher. Because the instrument is so challenging, many beginning students can quickly become frustrated and lose interest in the learning process. Unfortunately, this is sometimes the case in a class or school setting where the teacher to student ratio is high. Private music lessons are the perfect supplement to the excellent school string programs in Northern Virginia. Lessons can serve to inspire, challenge and encourage students to continue learning.

I believe that it’s necessary for all of the parties involved in music-making to develop a respectful, warm relationship in order to best cultivate a student’s musical talent. A student who enjoys attending his or her lessons will develop a positive association with the instrument and will be inspired to practice and persevere. I strive to get to know each one of my students as individuals and to understand his or her learning style in order to make my teaching the most effective. I relish the moments when I see the excitement in a student’s eyes about mastering a piece or looking forward to learning a new solo.

Do you only teach violin?

I teach violin and viola, as well as beginning cello.

How frequently are lessons offered?

Lessons are once per week. In special circumstances (i.e. an impending audition or performance), additional lessons can be arranged.

How long are the lessons?

Depending on the individual student’s age and experience on the instrument, lessons can be 30, 45, or 60 minutes.

Where are the lessons?

Lessons are held in Alexandria, VA (Belle Haven area).

Do you travel to students’ homes?

Depending on location and availability in my schedule, I can travel to some students’ homes. An additional fee applies to cover travel time.

How much are lessons? How do we handle payment?

Please contact me for rates. Lessons are paid for on a monthly basis. I accept credit cards, checks or cash.

All students will be provided with a complete listing of my studio policies before beginning lessons.

I’m an adult who’s never played an instrument before. Can you teach me?

Of course! All I ask of my adult students is that they try to be patient with the process. Progress can be slow at first, but I believe learning an instrument as an adult can be one of the more rewarding and enriching life experiences.