Student Recital: Mission Accomplished!

This past weekend, I held my Winter Recital at the Sanctuary at Convergence for 20 of my young students. It was a wonderful opportunity to have them show off to their friends and family all that they had learned in their lessons. Each student performed one or two solos (by memory) while I accompanied them on the piano. At the end of the recital, I even performed a movement of the Mendelssohn Piano Trio I've been working on with my friends CJ (piano) and Emily (cello) - this time with me on violin of course. :) I believe that it is so important that students become comfortable with performing -it's certainly one of those things that becomes easier with practice. Sure, there were lots of  butterflies and shaky knees on Saturday, but the sense of accomplishment after a performance well-done surely outweighs the nervousness beforehand.

Looking forward to the Spring Recital!