Welcome, 2013!

What a fun December! It was filled with tons of fun performances. My students all did a wonderful job at my studio Holiday Violin & Viola Recital. It was a festive occasion with lots of carols and other fun tunes, and was a great learning experience for the kids. Everyone played their pieces by heart while I accompanied them on piano. Below is a post-recital photo of me with one of my very littlest students!

2012 Holiday Recital

The Cherry Blossom String Quartet was honored to be a part of some very beautiful holiday weddings, including a gorgeous wedding on New Year's Eve at Memorial Baptist Church in Arlington, VA. And later that evening, I capped off 2012 with a super-fun New Year's Eve show with The Beanstalk Library at a very packed, very sold-out IOTA Club & Cafe in Arlington, VA.

What's in store for 2013? Stay tuned for new events in my teaching studio, as well as new musical collaborations and performances. Onward!