Interested in learning violin? Now's the time!

If you or your son/daughter has been pondering the idea of picking up the violin or viola, summer is the ideal time to try it out! For my school-age students, taking lessons now is a great way to get a head start on school strings class (for brand-new beginners).  For more experienced students, summer lessons are a great way to improve and learn new techniques during a season when many kids leave their instruments to collect dust in the corner.  :) Summer is also the perfect time for adult students (beginner or experienced) to get into lessons.  Work schedules tend to be lighter, and days are longer. What better way to enrich your life and increase your brainpower than learning the violin?

For teachers, summer is a transitional time when some students move away, so there are typically more schedule openings for new students, and you can beat the "fall rush" when there's typically an influx of new students. Shoot me an email if you're interested!