School Daze

It's hard to believe the summer is over and school is already back in session. We just wrapped up the first week of school in this area. I have to say it's amazing to have the opportunity to watch my wonderful students grow and advance musically, emotionally, and socially through the years. That experience of forging a many-years-long bond with each student is a special one for me as a music teacher.  It also boggles my mind how so many of the students seem to magically mature practically the moment they begin 3rd (or 6th...or 9th...) grade! Several students in the studio have extended their lessons this year to 45 minutes (as opposed to 30 minutes), and that has been hugely beneficial. It's wonderful to have ample time to warm up with scales, devote time to technique, and sometimes even be able to work on sight-reading skills, in addition to the usual etudes and solos. What a difference that extra 15 minutes makes in a violin or viola lesson!

Update on lesson openings: My home studio is currently fully booked, but I have a few openings on Fridays at Alexandria Music Center. Contact me for details!